Cruise Safety & Covet-19

                Well over the last few days I have been asked this question several times, “Will it be safe to go on a cruise?”  My answer is an unreserved, “yes.”  I have always felt that cruising is very safe. Neither me nor Shirley have never gotten ill.  Now, Shirley has been seasick once because we got into a nasty storm one evening on our way back into Norfolk (Hurricane Sandy).  But as far as the “Noro” Virus or something like that, after 34 cruises, never.  (Knock on wood).  We both adhere to one especially important practice… WASH YOUR HANDS!  Now, with COVIT-19, washing your hands is more important.   You must take the proper steps to keep well, the most important still is, wash your hands often.

COVIT-19 does require some additional precautions and actions.  Social Distancing will be challenging on a cruise ship but give it your best try.  I think the cruise ships will do as much as they can to help.    I would think they will have some tables blocked off along with some seats in the showrooms and lounges.  But, let us face it, you are on the ship to have a vacation and after a few hours, social distancing will be a distant memory.  I’m sure the cruise lines will limit the number of passengers, I would think about 75%, some have said as low as 50%, but I don’t think the cruise lines can operate in the red with only 50%.  Areas like, the main show lounge, Ledo buffet, pool area, and the shops will be exceedingly difficult for everyone to maintain 6’ from each other.

                What the cruise lines will do, I believe, before you can board, there will be a health questionnaire.  This is more to protect the cruise line from liability.  Also, if someone gets sick on the ship and it can be determined that you lied on your questionnaire, you could be held liable.  Temperature checks will be done before you embark or disembark every time guest leave or board the ship in every port.  Also, I am sure mask will be required when passengers are out and about.  Yes, you will be able to remove your face covering when you are eating or drinking.   There will be hand washing stations all over the ship.  One of the biggest changes I believe, no self-service buffets.  There will be buffets, but crew members will be serving the food, and guest will have to keep a safe distance.  In the casino, I am thinking some of the slot machines will be blocked off, like every other one, the table game chairs will be spread out, I’m sure.  If we think about it, we can figure out what to expect.

                Believe me, the cruise lines will do everything in their power, take all possible precautions, maybe a little over kill on somethings.  The cruise lines have taken a profoundly serious financial and public relations impact, the last thing they want is to have issues after they are allowed open up and sail again.  I love to cruise.  I have full confidence in the cruise industry.  They will come through this COVIT-19 pandemic with flying colors, at lease they better.  They will be under the microscope.  Everyone will be watching and they are fully aware of that.

                So, you ask, “will it be safe to cruise?’  I believe, with no reservations, Yes.